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“About a year ago, I was talking to my friend Tim in the band Ima Robot. He asked me to do a music video for their new song. I had just filmed Neckface throw a Molotov cocktail against a wall at night and loved how it looked. I transferred that idea to skaters skating burning spots from Molotov cocktails, but it was hard to pull off at real spots. But, unfortunately, Ima Robot just went independent, so they couldn’t fund it. Six months later, Rick Howard’s at my house, and we’re talking about Lakai’s yearly budget, and he mentioned that Lakai might do S&C. I showed him my idea for the music video and he was like, “Let’s do it.” I’ve said it before, but there was so much bullshit with making Fully Flared, so it was cool to have everyone psyched and not stressing about their part. It felt how the intro to FF should have felt. So it had a redeeming quality to it. In the end, Lakai used Ima Robot’s song for free, and they got a music video out of it. Funny how things come full circle.” – Ty Evans

Hi There! It’s been a while since i have been posting anything on this blog. First of all i had tons of problems with embedding videos, which made me so frustrated that i almost gave up, then something happened with the site that just crashed the whole thing :-(
BUT! Now it works again so why not start with giving you a new little video! I made this one out of a bunch of 8mm footage my brother gave me, for some reason i think that the whole catching fish/eating fish scenario fits the song really well. Enjoy:

And for anyone who missed it, here’s “Rough Night” again:

Also please go to imarobot.com to download new songs and get added to the mailing list.

Go to imarobot.com to se out new video for the song “Ruthless” and while you are there download the song for free……

Dates and locations announced for the East Coast Skate Rock tour of duty, featuring Bad Shitthe Goat & the Occasional Others and the Altamontskateboard team with special guests to be announced!

Monday, 4/26
Caledonia Lounge
Athens, GA

Thursday, 4/29
The Soapbox
Wilmington, NC

Saturday, 5/1
Baltimore, MD

Sunday, 5/2
Philadelphia, PA

Tuesday, 5/4
Autumn Bowl
Greenpoint, Brooklyn
This tour made possible by ThrasherThe Skateboard Mag and Nixon.

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This is a demo from before i joined the band that really really like. When i hear it in the right moment i get very sentimental and happy on the same time. It’s also one of those demos where i’m thinking, let’s record it properly and put it out, but then realize that it would probably spoil the magic. Man, i love this song, hope you guys like it too….

Ima Robot – Changes



goat show!!!!

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